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Pennavaire Valley offers numerous itineraries for trekking, running, trail running and MTB at any time of the year.

Here are some trekking routes (which can also be covered by trail running) departing from the Arvé B&B: consult them, download them, follow them and let us know if they were to your liking.

From the B&B to the crags Colletta, Malavoglia, Bauso, Fontana, Rocche della Garda (Scudo o La Garda, Mistral, Austria Team, Papapuk, Inferno), Zoo di Berlino, Galera, Arvé, Sagarmatha.

Ascent to Monte Alpe (difference in height: 714m – moving time: 3h)

Monte Arena ring (difference in height: 689m – moving time: 4.16h)

Ascent to the Red Rock (difference in height: 385m – moving time: 1.32h)

Towards the fraction of Nasino (difference in height: 477m – moving time: 2.10h)

Towards the village of Zuccarello (difference in height: 223m – moving time: 1.40h). Also passable by MTB.

Castelbianco itineraries map
The Julia Augusta road is instead the Roman road that connects Alassio and Albenga – is a great classic of excursions in the Bay of the Sun: a simple and suggestive path, overlooking the sea, where you can breathe the weight of history, between age imperial, a Romanesque church of the ninth century and the profile of the Gallinara island so close it seems to touch it. The proposed itineraries are passable both on foot and by MTB.
Albenga Alassio itinerary or on the contrary from Alassio to Albenga
trekking in Pennavaire Valley
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