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Sport climbing in Val Pennavaire began in 1990, with the discovery of the crag at Rocca dell’Arma. Subsequently, the Bausu, Fontana and Malavoglia crags were equipped.
In 1994 the first guidebook of the valley was published which included around 140 pitches and 9 crags. On the threshold of 2000, the old climbing sectors were re-evaluated and dozens of new ones were discovered. In 2007 a new guide was published and in 2012 the RocPennavaire association was born whose aim is to promote climbing in Val Pennavaire.

The first reference guide by the Roc Pennavaire association was created in 2018. In 2023, the update of the second edition was published which lists more than 70 crags.

The guide is on sale in the B&B.

From the B&B it is possible to reach, without using a car, the following crags: Colletta, Malavoglia, Bauso, Fontana, Rocche della Garda (Scudo or La Garda, Mistral, Austria Team, Papapuk, Inferno), Berlin Zoo, Galera , Arvé, Sagarmatha.

The directions for approaching the cliffs are available in English.

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